Cedar Wood Fence Installation Montgomery

Fence installation Montgomery

Let us all admit it, when it comes to a classic fence nothing beats the look of cedar wood fence. Wood fences come in privacy, picket and rail. Wood fences are usually built using rot resistant cedar although redwood, pine and hem/fir are also popular options. Here at Montgomery, we offer our clients only the finest quality and that is Cedar Wood.

Wood is an economical choice for privacy fencing.These fencing types are mostly tall and help in preventing any trespassers or unwanted animals from intruding inside your property. Most importantly, the Cedar Wood Fence Montgomery can last for more than a decade when properly maintained. The pickets are usually 6-8″ wide and come in 4.5,6 and 8′ heights.

The most common style of privacy fence is dog-eared. A dog-ear fence makes it easier to get the look of a straight line along the top. Some people like to have a flat-top fence. Although this style may take a little more effort to get the top even it is also very popular.

Vertical pickets can be installed in a shadow-box style which is commonly known as a “good-neighbor” fence. When installing the pickets vertically the fence can also have a picture frame look. Another option is to run the pickets horizontally. This can be done in rough, smooth or basket-weave styles.

We, at Montgomery fence company, have successfully served our clients for more than 22 years. Through time, we have been managing and conducting the whole installation and maintenance process of any fencing projects for home or commercial projects.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professional fence installers who can expertly and cost-efficiently install your fencing. So, if you’re ready, we are just a phone call away. Contact us at 334-649-8995 and get a free estimate today!

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