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We are happy to say that Dumpster Enclosures help our clients protect their dumps from any trespassers, most especially from unwanted tampering of animals or humans. Installing a full-sized enclosure help in hiding the garbage area and can be aesthetically pleasing from the exterior.

The gates installed in these enclosures help in stopping papers and trashes from flying out of the dump. If you are planning to install a dumpster in your place, we recommend that you install the exact gate sizes, posts, latches, and hinges to make sure the enclosure for your dumpster will last for a long time.

We, at Montgomery fence company, have various materials in the installation of our dumpster enclosures. We use vinyl, steel, aluminum, brick, chain link, and wood. Here is the concise breakdown of these different materials.

Vinyl Dumpster Enclosures
If privacy matters the most for you, you use vinyl as the main material for your dumpster. However, it might not withstand against any powerful force.

Chain Link Dumpster 
Chain link dump enclosures also might not give a high level of privacy. Although the good thing with this material is you can see the dumpster through the protected area from the outside. In addition, it prevents animals and others from entering the area.

Steel and Aluminum Dumpster Enclosures
If you want a high level of security and protection, you can go with steel and aluminum enclosures. It does not matter whether it is damage from car or weather, it can easily withstand against it.

Wooden Dumpster Enclosures
You can also choose a wooden dumpster if you want 100% privacy. Unfortunately, you might need to spend an annual maintenance fee to keep this enclosure last for a long time.

Brick Dumpster Enclosures
If you want a dumpster enclosure for the long run, choose the brick dumpster enclose. It is the best dumpster enclosure that we can offer. Our team will install it in a very cost-friendly manner.

We, at Montgomery fence company, have successfully served our clients for more than 22 years. Through time, we have been installing and maintaining Dumpster for home or commercial projects.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professional installers who can expertly and cost-efficiently install your fencing projects. So, if you’re ready, we are just a phone call away. Contact us at 334-649-8995 and get a free estimate today!

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