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If you’re a homeowner with a tennis courts Montgomery, then you surely understand the importance of installing a fence surrounding the court. By providing a fenced structure to a tennis court, you are adding safety and security to the players as well as the by-passers in the area. Being one of the best fence companies in Minneapolis, with over 22 years of experience, we have successfully served clients within our area.

In most cases, the tennis courts Montgomery makes use of many types of materials for fencing. All these fencing types depend on the level of privacy and security that you want to provide for the audience and the players.

Tennis court fencing is mostly made of vinyl, wood, or chain-link fences. All three types generally come as finished products that can even be added with a paint layer after the installation process. However, most of the time, tennis court fences are often seen in some natural colors or green or black as a combination.

For tennis court fences in special locations such as school campuses, we can customize the color that will make it similar to the schools’ overall theme.

We make sure that all the fencing types that we use around tennis courts Montgomery are manufactured keeping the LTA guidelines in mind. We make sure that all our products are properly galvanized to prevent potential rusting or corrosion. In addition, all our products are polyester powder coated either in black or green such that it can suit the surrounding areas.

We, at Montgomery fence company, have successfully served our clients for more than 22 years. Through time, we have been installing and managing fencing installation for home or commercial projects.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professional installers who can expertly and cost-efficiently install your fencing. So, if you’re ready, we are just a phone call away. Contact us at 334-649-8995 and get a free estimate today!

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